Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm issuing a warning

This asshat has an agenda, plain as day, here.

He needs to be dealt with, as well as his asshat boss who approved him writing the excrement in the first place.

EVERY damned last bit of it is HORSESHIT.

Obamacare NOT costing a trillion? HOW THE FUCK COULD IT NOT? That's a better question, as it will probably be more. I mean, we have a solid fucking history of the Gummint running lots of other bullshit that didn't meet with budgets. Why would this be any different?

Yes, by all means; Clinton's rules that were clearly established during the Balkan Wars of legitimizing the targeting of media members should be clearly remembered, here.

All of you lying bastards in the MSM should grow some extra eyes, especially in light of the timing of this piece.

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