Thursday, October 07, 2010

Oh really?

The headline reads;
"Everyone hates the deficit - but likes the spending"
You all are fucking idiots to utter such non-sense, too.

Here is the rub;
"The bottom line with the candidates — as well as with many Ask America readers — seems to be: Cut spending, but not if it takes money from what's nearest and dearest to me..."
Here's my take on that; Go right ahead and cut spending on every God-damned "social program" out there. Take it right the fuck to ZERO and see how much I care about its "funding," or whatever you'd care to call it. I don't depend on any of it, and, in fact, pay for that shit directly out of my income, you thieving bastards, so STFU about who's paying for what.

About the only thing I'm even remotely concerned with is keeping the fucking roads about half-way drivable, and guess-the-fuck-what? I already pay my "fair share" at the pump, with about 45 cents of each gallon I buy going to the coffers of the fuckin' Gummint, supposedly to pay for road construction and maintenance.

The rest of that horseshit that you pinko-commies are insistent upon calling "necessary," or whatever, is purely someone else living at the expense of others. Stick that filthy horseshit in your mouth and enjoy your sammich.

Just about time to take out the garbage, folks.

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