Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Criminal Bankers

No, seriously.

Check this bit;
"One such suit was filed in March by Pennsylvania homeowner Angela Iannelli. She was up to date on her payments when, she says, she arrived home in October 2009 to find that Bank of America had ransacked her belongings, cut off her utilities, poured anti-freeze down her drains, padlocked her doors and confiscated Luke, her pet parrot of 10 years. It took her six weeks to get the bank to clean up the house."
So, it would seem that banks are now hiring thugs to bust down doors of people they're claiming owe them money, and either stealing (not confiscating...use the right word) others' property, or vandalizing it...even when the property isn't actually in foreclosure, at all.

My advice to anyone who runs into this situation while at home; Shoot to kill any and all intruders.

Oh, and lay a hand on either of my mutts, and I'll keep it for a souvenir.

This country is off its fucking rocker, just look around for more examples of this sort of ridiculousness.

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