Sunday, January 30, 2011

What it's come to

For your edification, please contrast this with these two items, then consider that far less than one hundred years have passed when one could have strolled down The Mall, while packing both a heater and a camera, and you'd never have been assaulted by the fucking police for singing a song in the Jefferson Memorial.

There has been a protracted dustup concering the photographing of certain public buildings, and how legal that might or might not be.

For now, it's OK...but I don't care, as the question being raised, and having it go for as long as, as if I needed to ask for permission to do so from the government, is absurb.

I'm looking at the current, and probable, course of events, and I don't care for what I see.

There are a bunch of Rah-rah cheerleader-types here in this country who are only too glad to help out with the cause of the Gummint doing exactly as it pleases, no matter what the owner's manual might say about such things.

I'm looking, as Jim Rawles clearly states,
" executive orders on 'non-sporting' firearms and magazine imports, as well as Obama urging Congress to enact additional civilian disarmament legislation."
Now throw in an outside variable.

Other countries in north Africa and the Middle East seem to be teetering on revolt too.

I'm given to understand that the Saudi financial markets (Jeezis, I never knew there was such a thing) took a serious beating recently; any guesses as to what instability does to the costs of their Black Gold?

Things ain't lookin' so good, as the whole world seems to be awaiting that proverbial last straw, or something, and I can't admit to having either a workable, self-sustaining retreat, nor all of the appropriate preps together for more than maybe a few months, assuming the power stays on.

I guess I'll just have to sit back and watch it all burn.

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