Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Barry finally grows a brain

That's a pretty good pick on the winner, and not just because I'm a Jayhawk myself.

The Buckeyes winning the Big Ten this year, and ending the season as #1, was a fluke, in my opinion. That conference was rather uncharacteristically weak this year, despite getting, what, seven teams in The Dance.

Pitt? Are you kidding me?


Duke is almost always a great tournament team, and they are very well coached, so I'd pick them to go far, but those same things should be said about Kansas, and they're a hard-nosed playing kind of team with loads of speed, from an extremely competitive conference, playing against a couple of teams that got snubbed...but that's pretty par for the course out here in the corn belt.

Still, thanks for nothing, Barry.

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