Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More for the Moron

Pay close attention.

This whole bit about "safety," is a result of speculative building, which accounts for the vast majority of residential construction in this country. You're never going to change that, and if you want something that's going to work, you're going to have to pay for it. Stop the delusion that just because someone makes a claim, that it will work. Know, don't assume. If there is a domicile you are considering buying laying within in a region with certain risk factors, assume that it does not meet the requirements to resist failure, and have someone qualified in assessing such things do that for you. You may also need to do some type of retrofit, or outright demolition and a complete rebuild.

You don't have a fucking clue about what this is about, Joshie, so take whatever you think is your opinion, and cram it up your ass.

Fucking dolt.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Just like we knew he would

What do you fucking Libtard pukes think of that, after mewling for years about how the Patriot Act was such a bad idea (true), how stupid it was for Congress and Bush to pass it into law (again, true), and how much you wanted it repealed, and how Barry was going to restore faith and prestige to the U.S., and yada, yada, yada?

He had the chance to VETO that fucker, and instead, signed an extension to that nightmare whilst sitting in France.

Are you ashamed yet?

Didn't think so.

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...this one's for you, asshole.

This is something that we architects learned along the way to getting a professional degree in something other than being a smartass; earthquakes can be mitigated...to a degree. Any natural disaster, if severe enough, will take down a building.

And now, people are being tried for manslaughter in Italy for not informing the public about an event that can't entirely be predicted.


Just like Joshie.

UPDATE: The Profile of the Idiot du jour. Tells me volumes about him, and his personality. Self-described, "Baby sitter of things & People i.e. Security," he seems to vision himself as some sort of overseer, and it shows.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm sure their guns were drawn, too


Gangster government at "work."

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Goodbye, Splitt

You'll be missed.

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Cry me a fucking river

Lawyers are almost always leeches.

They produce nothing.

I've worked for little more than peanuts for my entire career. These cry-baby bitches need to get some skin.

That is all.

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Range-of-the-Moment Responses

Note this bit;

"The power of state necessarily devolves away from "law" and more toward "rule" as its interventions distort the culture into more frequent and greater crises, requiring range-of-the-moment responses..."
Well put.

This is the way of the authoritarian, statist pricks who've set up generations of a "system" for squashing what would have been a free exercise of natural rights a hundred years ago.

This should frighten the living shit out of you.

What will the future bring?

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More scary weather

Just rode out a warning for about the last 90 minutes.

More to come later, as I understand.


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Monday, May 23, 2011

Weather watch - Scary stuff

I've lived in Tornado Alley my entire life but this is probably one of the best examples I've ever seen regarding the almost unpredictable nature of tornadic activity.

Just wow.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011



The IRS is sure that it needs to see into your private affairs, including your money.

H/T to SurvivalBlog.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey Pot, this is Kettle...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Further notes on the coming insurrection

"Does this sound familiar?: Treasury to tap pensions to help fund government. It is notable that the mass media is presently full of headlines about a banking official arrested for rape. (IMF Chief DominiqueStrauss-Kahn - Ed.) But who is going to bring Tim Geithner to justice for raping millions of taxpayers? (On a similar note, SurvivalBlog reader R.E.T. wrote to mention: "If a private company did this, it would rightly be called theft and the CEO would go to jail." (emphasis - Ed.)
I'd really like to see that whole bit go down on TV, Timmy and Helicopter Ben getting sent to the pokey, wouldn't you?

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Monday, May 16, 2011

"Milk Terrorists"

At about 2:50, he just says it perfectly.

If it wasn't such an affront to the sensibilities of the distinctly pacifist nature of the Amish, it'd be worth knocking some teeth out of the JBT's, right there on their front lawn.

The reckoning will come, and the score will be kept on this, and I must say that I will delight in some aspects of doing so.

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It is out there

Proof of concept.

I need to just get my shit together on this and do it, consequences be damned.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Hoosier Police State

The cops can now just walk into your house for whatever reason, or even no reason at all, just 'cuz they've now been given permission to do so...and just you wait, it'll happen sooner than you think.

Just another data point in this ongoing swirl 'round the fucking toilet bowl.

Angry as Hell yet?

UPDATE: Note others' take on the situation:


Billy - Note the quote he uses about talking trash about the King of England in your own home.

Pete - "More is coming, folks. Lose your illusions." (my emphasis)

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

You know what this is?

Overt theft.

And as noted at SurvivalBlog, this is probably coming to a country near you...and if it does, I'm not so sure it will be received in the manner that the Pigs intend.

Then again, this country is about two-thirds Commie, with a BUNCH of over-the-hill Hippies (my sincerest apologies to DirtCrashr and Mark B.) who are sure their due has come, so it wouldn't surprise me to see a groundswell of outright support for this confiscatory horseshit, either, Since the Me Generation is all about getting all of that free stuff that was set up for old people.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Get this situation straight

Now, read the other links and realize that about the only option available to you is this; sooner or later, you are going to have to shoot those bastards, straight in the God-Damned face.

Or they'll do it to you.

Got it?

I might also remind any who read this that things aren't looking too good out there, are they?

Hope you've got your shit together.

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Wide awake and watching closely

Never have I seen anything that so precisely conveys what this debacle of Governmentally instituted "Healthcare" is capable of, when put to light in this manner.

Look; The Government foisting this ridiculous "account" non-sense on the proles is nothing more than a God-Damned invitation for them to tell you, later of course, exactly how much of it you can have, both the saving, and the spending, and by way of that, the consumption of gasoline, or, again later, natural gas for your home heating (or fuel oil for you East Coasters), or electricity, or even your fucking toilet paper.

Get it yet now?

This is a suck-ass model for "controlling" prices, since it has fuck-all to do with the consumer having any sort of direct access to the product. Instead, it does little more than give the government direct permission to route money (please understand that this is your productivity...your very life) into yet another shell game that they get to arbitrarily manipulate.

I'd recommend turning on a heel and running, straight away from this non-sense, but I'm quite sure that that will not solve this problem...and as Billy is always wont to say, "We will not be voting our way out of this."

Squirming in your chair yet?

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Gone forever

Claude Choules died today.

I direct you, dear reader, to two tidbits of information that should simply astonish you:

Before he died, he said he remembered the first automobile to ever drive through his town where he grew up.

He remembered the Germans surrendering...after both World Wars.

These are now no longer part of anyone else's living memory, but he had the good sense to write all of this stuff down for the rest of us to experience, at least in some small manner.

Have a good rest, sir.

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Monday, May 02, 2011

Ding-dong, the Witch is dead

I suppose we should all do a little dance, or something, however, this whole thing with the Islamo-fascists is not over.

Oh, and I think it a big mistake to have supposedly "buried" the asshole at sea, and instead, should have sent him to the nearest taxidermist. Trophy value isn't nearly as high as the reminder it would serve to the rest of humanity; and lest anyone think it distasteful to do something of that sort, please remember that Vlad Ilyich is still on display, a full 80+ years after giving up the ghost, albeit as a strange reverence to the man...sick as that may be.

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