Thursday, May 05, 2011

Wide awake and watching closely

Never have I seen anything that so precisely conveys what this debacle of Governmentally instituted "Healthcare" is capable of, when put to light in this manner.

Look; The Government foisting this ridiculous "account" non-sense on the proles is nothing more than a God-Damned invitation for them to tell you, later of course, exactly how much of it you can have, both the saving, and the spending, and by way of that, the consumption of gasoline, or, again later, natural gas for your home heating (or fuel oil for you East Coasters), or electricity, or even your fucking toilet paper.

Get it yet now?

This is a suck-ass model for "controlling" prices, since it has fuck-all to do with the consumer having any sort of direct access to the product. Instead, it does little more than give the government direct permission to route money (please understand that this is your productivity...your very life) into yet another shell game that they get to arbitrarily manipulate.

I'd recommend turning on a heel and running, straight away from this non-sense, but I'm quite sure that that will not solve this problem...and as Billy is always wont to say, "We will not be voting our way out of this."

Squirming in your chair yet?

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