Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Things to come

Read that piece, even just the first three paragraphs will do, and then just give the whole bit a dash of Orwell.

Whaddaya see?

Wetzel is right on in pointing out, as he puts it, the, "thin-skinned, heavy-handed, and essentially pointless behavior."

Now, if Twitter had suspended the account for their own reasons, such as some sort of violation of their use policy, and NOT the reason that was actually given, THAT is a completely different matter altogether.

As it stands, this has a faint whiff of the rank, statist, Bolshie-Pravda influence that several prescient dystopic authors warned us about.

Dump Twitter, or if you are like me, don't involve yourself at all in "social media," call the bastards out for what they are, whores.

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