Thursday, October 11, 2012

More of that Jack-Booted Thuggery that I'm constantly assured never happens

Forcible rectal searches.

This shit is right out of the fucking dystopic, authoritarian playbooks novels that we've, some of us, few of us have read.

The worst part; this isn't the worst of it.

Get this straight; Your body is not your own.  The government considers you to be their property. Not yours, theirs.

Got it?

This isn't so much about the specific cops, the accused (pardon my condescension here), but a mentality that has metastacized, for lack of a better analogy, into a virus. It's a self-perpetuating thing, searching for more territory to conquer, at a geometric rate. This kind of thing is power, for power's sake, and it is never satisfied. It needs more. So it finds more. It attacks more to get more.

Soon, you will see stuff talked about in the news. Things you'd never have considered before. Forced abortions (it's happened before), Child limits (Hey, China does it...why can't WE be so...Progressive), forced organ transplants. No? You'll see this done, first casually, a newspaper article here or there. Then opinion articles in the usual, national Lib rags. You know the ones. Next will be movements and organizations, dot-orgs, position papers, and inevitably, politicians will pick it up. This should be easy to see.

No, you say? It could never happen here.

What the fuck was Obamacare about, then? The Government has given itself the authority to tell you to buy something that you might not need, nor want. The rationale, of course, is that you may need it, and therefore you are putting upon the rest of society by not having it, somehow shafting them with the bill (specious) if you were to need services.

Several years from now, you will get a bill in the mail, informing you of another tax, the reason given; you are too heavy, or too fat. You're not getting enough exercise, and you've obviously been abusing yourself by straying from your governmentally mandated diet. Too much red meat. Too much sugar. Too much starch (which for decades, they told you to eat in bulk). Too much sugar. Too much of everything. It will all be OK, too, because they've already told you that you must have insurance, and they've since told you to see a doctor twice a year.

And you go.

He runs tests.

They know.

They have a file on you, you see.

Consider what happens after that.

There is only ONE trajectory that this is going to follow, and the problem of these raping queer cops with a fixation for forcible, digital exams of your anus aren't going to get cured with a "review of procedure," or some other rot.

Got it?

You are going to be forced to either live with that jackboot on your face, or tear the whole place down.

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