Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Getting guns off the street works

No. Really, getting your guns off of the streets really does work, since that's where they are, in a cop's car, right in front of his house.

I'm just making a guess about this, but I'd think it possible that the rifles that were stolen were select-fire too. Actual machine guns, stolen from the Gummint.

Filthy whores. The Gummint, not the thieves.

Meanwhile, Gabby Giffords and her husband have now openly condemned my ownership of certain firearms that take "high" capacity magazines, since, well, she got a bullet through the brain and survived and that somehow makes her opinion about those evil guns more important...as far as I can tell anyway.

Barry's hand picked Goon Squad are supposedly assembling legislation that would get the bigger gun manufacturers in bed with the Gummint, making sweatheart deals to sell the same guns to them that are going to be outlawed for the rest of us proles, and possibly even use coercive means, banks, or other institutions...

Herschel Smith has a good run down on it.

...Or, Barry will just do what he really wants to do anyway, and act like a dictator, as Harry Belafonte urges, and rule by edict; reclassifying semi-automatic firearms at Title 2 weapons. See, instant criminals, by the stroke of a pen.

How many weeks 'til this war gets hot, I wonder?

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