Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Welcome to The Suck, bitch

Yeah, that's right, you stupid fucking cunt, you're NOT a special snowflake, and you're NEVER going to be a part of that club...and it has every bit to do with your pasty-white skin and obvious Northern European ancestry.

You're not part of the narrative they want to push.

Deal with it.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I have a slight taste of bile in my mouth

The opener about put me off of my feed; 
"Young designers, fresh out of school, often have incredible potential to contribute to their new firm: with fresh skills and capabilities that may have passed by the company's older members, they are in an excellent position to make their mark..." 
Um, I'll let you in on something, Mr./Mrs. Designer, you know precisely shit about being an architect after getting that bought and paid-for sheepskin.

Forget those pretty drawings and fancy renderings and philosophizing endlessly from your days in, "school," and learn how to put a building together as an assemblage of details, from general to specific, first.

Second, you're going to take some lessons in how to apply the building codes to the design, and here's a news flash for you; I teach my firm principals how to do this on an almost daily basis, which means you probably no less-than-zero about the subject. You will learn by the numbers.

Third, you're going to REAL school after the building gets through the construction documents phase and moves into bidding and then CA. More like an ass-whoopin'.

IF you can survive for the next three years of that grind, you get to take the ARE.

You'll forget all about how important being a designer is after that.

Welcome to the jungle, punks.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Both as peculiar as well as ha-ha, if you ask me.

Peculiar because the irony is that Venezuela is a country almost swimming in oil from the reserves in the Orinoco Belt. They also have the physical capability, by virtue of a forced state nationalization of the facilities that were developed in part by ExxonMobil and ConocoPhilips. So they do have the means of getting the oil out, and I would expect that it's not too terribly hard to then convert that into a usable, lightly-refined product for powering their grid. Yet it's on the verge of collapse.

Except it's not that easy when you've disincentivized production, by way of command and control, thereby destroying values, as well as exorbitant tax structures, which is overt theft.

Ha-ha in that it IS sorta funny to watch a band of half-wit monkeys attempting to pull every available lever in a vain attempt to keep from drowning...or getting the noose...or shot.

All a tragedy, really, and it will eventually become too much for the people of Venezuela to bear.

Best watch and observe carefully, for it is an educational experience from which to learn.

H/T to Survivalblog for linkage.

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Read the Sixth again, for content

...or get force-fed a thousand copies of it.

Really, the best thing to do is see the bitch hanged.

We're getting closer, every day, to that sort of thing, and this is another straw.

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Otherwise known as, Totalitarians-Can-Go-Fuck-Themselves-Day.

Methinks we'll be revisiting this theme, and soon.

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