Friday, August 26, 2016

"That’s a different way to live."

High bile factor follows.

I'll not apologize to that thug about his inability to break the vault door down on stuff his buddies consider to be their property, when it's clearly spelled out in Amendment Number Five as to whom it belongs.

It's ironic that Comey says such stupid shit, to wit;
"We’ve never lived with large swaths of our life off-limits to judicial authority, where a judge’s orders were ineffective [because encryption may be difficult to break, even with a warrant]. That’s a different way to live. I would suggest to you that where we are now and where we are headed shatters the bargain that is at the heart of ordered liberty in this country. That is something we have to talk about."
 And this;
“What the FBI is doing this year is collecting data about how it’s impacting our work, so that next year we can have an informed conversation that a mature democracy should be able to have of what to do about it.”
Ironic that a lawyer doesn't understand The Law. Funny how they don't actually TEACH that shit at the University of Chicago Law School. Hey, Fuckwit, I have a clue for you; RIGHTS ARE NOT UP FOR A VOTE, NOT NOW, NOR EVER!

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