Friday, September 23, 2016

Does any of this look familiar?

From Pete at WRSA, quoting Paylie Roberts;
“…You can look up any dictionary definition of martial law you like, but living under such oppression first hand is as good of an explanation as you can get: absolute arbitrary rule by the government with a gun potentially pointed at you at all times, food used against you as a weapon, and being under surveillance at any or all times…”

Add in the protests from various angles, the most outrageously embarrassing electioneering I've seen in my entire life...on BOTH sides, outright central-control of the (now permanent) artificially inflated-bubble economy, even MORE meddling in the affairs of the backwards Middle East, affronts on our civil rights by the entirety of government, governmental control of media and I'm seeing 1984 being acted out like it's a playbook instead of the warning it was meant to be.

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