Thursday, October 06, 2016

Constipated thinking and despotism

Mr. Jeremy Streich attempts to show us his big brain, but fails miserably, to wit; 
"...the conversation must be had: the conversation to amend the Second Amendment. To collapse private gun ownership in a way that is Just and true. So that our lives can have a little less worry, a little less pain. Because there is no denying: Guns are power.After stripping away all the nuance of social and political discourse, we are left with mankind’s masterpiece of control. Look at your dominant hand. Gently, point your index finger at the screen and then close it.You just pulled the trigger.And what’s more? That simple motion has tipped into the mind of literally millions of people and caused them despair, anguish, defeat..."
Note the insistence that "Just," is somehow correct, when LEGAL is the appropriate term.

Then there is the tugging-at-my-bleeting-heart bit, the "anguish, despair and defeat," of it all, as if I had some kind of duty to protect his precious FEEEEWINGS, fer gosh-sakes!

And he continues;
"..A pattern of Constitutional disillusion on top of regulatory negligence has enabled the majority of our nation’s gun owners to stockpile weaponry..."
As if this supposed regulatory negligence is even a legitimate LEGAL EDIFICE in the first place, which it is NOT, and also that I need permission (the ENABLING part) or to provide some justification for my "stockpile," as he is want to put it, which, again, I do not need to do.

Mental cripples abound these days.

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