Friday, November 04, 2016

The signal should have gotten through by now.

And think about this bit;
"...Any new ban will not be like the old one. Do you really think they’ll put in a sunset clause?"
 Betcher ass!

Which is why, when I come to sell a few of them, post-ban, they will NOT be going for eight or ten times the original price, but upwards of one hundred times.

And I'll get that for them too.

The reason I know why is this; after Sandy Hook, there was a bunch of panic buying based on nothing more than speculation of legislative action. There was no active ban and prices for your garden-variety 30-round Pmag went from ten or twelve dollars to one hundred in about three or four weeks, after the distributors and retailers were overwhelmed with demand.

I knew then that it was time to stuff the larder even more with those same items, if and when sanity prevailed, which it obviously did.

AR and Glock mags for the popular models and calibers, and any others for guns you just can't live without would be a very good thing to have before artificial scarcity hits. I'd advise doubling down on your MBR mags too.

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