Thursday, December 29, 2016

Truth, it's stranger than fiction

See, Hear nor Speak no Evil

The opener in the WaPo piece, via WRSA, is simply jaw-dropping; 
"...Prime Minister Viktor Orban has depicted migrants as rapists, job-stealers, terrorists and “poison” for the nation..." 
As if the fucking dullard hasn't been paying attention to the rampant raping and terrorizing that's been so prevalent since all of the open borders policies have been implemented.

Go make like an ostrich, and stick your fucking head back in the sand, Miklós.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

But Barry, you said it didn't happen


I've got a pretty good idea who's responsible for all of that "fake news," we keep hearing about, dullard.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Nothing to see here either

Things sure do look spicy. I mean, the Russians aren't known to take this kind of slap in the face without retaliation.

I hope we can stay clear of this bullshit.

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I'm sure this is nothing

I mean, it's not as though the migrants aren't being invited in with open arms.

What could they possibly be incensed about?

Oh, right. We've seen this before.

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Friday, December 09, 2016

What can one expect of a child

He IS a Millennial, afterall.

Joe DeFelice comments on the situation, for the win;
“If the image of an upper-middle class city attorney clad in a blazer and sipping wine while vandalizing an upscale grocery store with an anti-Trump message strikes you as perhaps the most bourgeois sight imaginable, that’s because it is. Nothing can better represent the hysterical pearl-clutching of the ‘progressive’ elite in response to this earth-shattering election, when residents of Chestnut Hill and similar neighborhoods across the country discovered – gasp – that other people have a voice too. The assistant city solicitor in question had ostensibly taken the law into his own hands, since a democratic election didn’t yield his preferred outcome..."
Yeah, the Assistant City Solicitor, Duncan Lloyd (32), of the city Philadelphia, is the piece of shit who was caught, on camera, vandalizing private property.

Just another spoiled brat who has never been told no before, and is just sure that getting his way is his birthright...strange paradox on that "privilage," thing I keep hearing about. Note the lack of charges at this time too. Speaks VOLUMES, let me tell you.

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Yes, of course

And this is especially true of the much demonized automobile, having been vilified for the last +40 years, worldwide;
"...Less Regulation Is Key To Saving U.S. Jobs."
And that is even more crucial to the US-sourced production, as there is little hope of getting the UAW out of Detroit any time soon, so they simply must keep producing their 60, or 70 or even $100,000 trucks and SUV's and trucks.

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What about that, "Paying Your Fair Share," bullshit?

Oh, that's right, you Leftists don't have any real values, and I know it, since your actions PROVE it.

Mark Weston, author at noted "Fake News," maker, TIME, has this to say;
"...we won’t pay taxes to the federal government... until democracy is restored."
Please, go ahead and tell the IRS about your plans and see what they say, Marky.

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More of this

The truth of the matter is this; the Muslims do not want to be educated in critical, western thinking, the Scientific Method nor any of our history and values.

They only want what's printed for them to accept in the Quran, so they can just build their madrassas and do it with their own money too.


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More of that Fake News

I'm sure the irony of the situation is lost on the Leftists and their MSM lackeys.

Fuck the lot of them.

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This is what Communism looks like

Oregon is fucked.

I suppose they call it the Left Coast for a reason.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Then YOU move to the 'Hood, old man

'Cuz Tony, you're a dumb fucker.

And this, "racial privilege," excrement is just about to trigger (turnabout is fair play here) me into knocking the teeth down the throat of next motherfucker who mentions that shit in my presence.

You want some respect in this world?


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Friday, December 02, 2016

Saying what needs saying

And only the way Fred can say it,
"...In a recent example  in Mexico City (this from newspaper accounts) four robbers, armed, boarded a public bus and collected wallets and cell phones from the passengers. One passenger drew a pistol and shot all four, killing one. The other three, badly wounded, got off the bus. The passenger followed, finished them off, gave the loot back to the other passengers, and disappeared into the city. Curiously, not one of the passengers was able to describe him. Maybe they were not paying attention..."
Yes, curious indeed.

The Three S's come to mind, and I'm one to think that in the coming years we'll be seeing more of that kind of thing happening, except for the two-legged critters.

Why is this even on my radar, you say?

Because since Abdul Artan stabbed a bunch of snowflakes a few days ago, and all I'm hearing from the MSM and the Lib-tribe is more gun control and how butthurt he was and how it's time we hanged The Deplorables®­, since it's all their fault anyway.

Further down, this; 
"...Gun-controllers, unless they are greater fools than seems humanly possible–they may well be–know  that criminals are not going to turn their guns in, and there is no way to confiscate them. They also know, unless actually mad, that criminals are overwhelmingly black..."
Make no mistake, they ARE mad (crazy, not angry) as a fucking hatter, because their minds have been poisoned, willingly, with the "thoughts" that have been programmed into their brains by the broken and dysfunctional public schools and universities, as they've never been exposed to the very idea of critical (discriminatory) thinking.

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