Saturday, February 24, 2018

The state of affairs


Rick Newman, a columnist at Yahoo! Finance, was getting "interviewed," regarding a story about, what else, GUN CONTROL, in the aftermath of the Parkland shootings.

The dumbfuckery is strong with this retard;
"...nothing new about restricting the sale of guns, any type of guns, assault weapons or anything like that. So, supply keeps coming in, what they want to do is sorta stop it at the point of sale, you might say, where you get the point where someone is actually planning to shoot something...tighten up the mental health system, this, um, it's impossible to see how this would make much of a difference..."
Instead, someone who is supposedly an expert in money and economic matters thinks that a law will make guns disappear, like a David Copperfield magic trick. I can see The Stupid, and Rick Newman is it.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Good point

"Suppose the Left gets a new gun ban put into law.What will they do when a dozen states declare themselves to be Second Amendment Sanctuary States?"
Ken Royce wrote a book about some similar circumstances. It wasn't pretty.

Interesting times.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Note for the stupids

Commentor Sean, at WRSA put it well;
"... once again, the leftists will try, and fail, to stop a crime with a law, throw up their hands in despair, and demand the power to execute at will all those who are a danger to the state. Leftists are the masters of the pre-emptive strike. Pre-emptive gets you the guilty, the sympathizers, and the sympathetic. But that’s the way leftists work. Murder, murder, murder. Not only will this bill fail to stop crime, it will create more criminals, intentionally."
It's not about improving the situation, only making themselves feel better in the process of, "doing something." 

The wrath that follows will be unpleasant.

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President's Day

It occurred to me on the drive in that you State and Federal "workers," should just stay home every day. I'm paying your salaries and getting NOTHING in return anyway, so the least you could do is stay the fuck out of my way and save me 40 minutes a day.

I'd be ever so appreciative.

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Friday, February 09, 2018

Something to consider