Friday, November 23, 2018

Let me point out the operative word here


That is precisely the correct word here.

Mr. Atkins is filled with nothing but contempt and hate, and he is going to make everyone share in it, and he admits as much in his own words.

A laugher, because it's true;
"So-called conservatives have been completely routed over the past 40 years, yet it’s these very years for which Atkins seeks revenge."
Despite not knowing a thing about which he speaks, I take him at his word regarding his clear intentions.

He continues;
Humane, live-and-let-live solutions have not ever — ever — been part of the leftist playbook.
And we have the entirety of the 20th Century to PROVE just that. Anyone who doesn't agree is willingly ignoring the glaringly obvious Soviet and Chinese massacres of their own peoples.

Tom Woods also adroitly notes;
"David Atkins, a liberal in the totalitarian sense, says: we are going to impose our will on you, violently. You will have no escape, because your “bigotry” — again, anyone who disagrees with him must be a moral reprobate — means you do not deserve to exist.Violent sociopaths like this are licking their chops."
I know where this goes, and it isn't where David thinks it goes.

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