Monday, December 31, 2018

I keep getting told the same lie

...while getting pissed on.

The MSM has a credibility issue. Danielle DiMartino Booth says it like it is.

They need their noses rubbed in it, frequently.

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

One week

That's amount of time before the next Congress convenes in the cesspit known as D.C.

This will be on the agenda, front-and-center.

Things will happen very quickly after the various bills are introduced, so I wouldn't be surprised that this "bipartisan approach," is worked out as a white-wash for a bunch of other crap in this mess of a country we're in.

Now's the time.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

And I see that these are lies to come

Tip of the hat to STP for the title...

See Peter Schiff's take on where we're going, over on Greg Hunter's channel. Starting at 20:20;
Note his take on the predictable mandate for all of the Socialist wet dreams, and rather conspicuously absent from the list he mentions, gun control. A pillar of their misery, for sure.
Look at Venezuela for what the future might be like.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Yes, screw the body armor

Tangentially to body armor, should we also be talking about caching?

Considering that we now have a ruling from a judge, just today, that blocks the Trump admin's restrictions on who can apply for asylum (explicitly by law, within the powers to regulate such), and also considering that the Donkeys are super horny about getting their fucking wet dream of gun control pushed through (they probably WILL, despite that being CLEARLY spelled out as off-limits), since Don's boys have unilaterally made a decision to immediately, WITH THE STROKE OF A PEN, criminalize someone without due process and simultaneously dispossess them of their private property, without compensation (a more clear violation of Amendment 5 is difficult to recall).

Who else is wondering if the Donkeys will use the mere threat of an impeachment or even Congressional investigation as leverage for getting Don to sign on the dotted line for such?

I'd say we're on the fast-track to something rather spectacular within a couple of months.
I may start quoting Bible versus soon thereafter.

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Get it while you can

Note to the faithful; the Donkeys have made a bunch of noise about gun control after their theft of the mid-term elections, and it wouldn't surprise me that they go straight after the subject on day one of the next Congressional session.

I have just completed an order at one of my favorite vendors, topping up on a few of my more esoteric magazines within my armory, for good measure. I would suggest everyone with the means to do so as well.

I would also expect that when the Donkeycrats get this excrement passed, there will be no sunset clause within the language of said law. So what you have is likely all you'll ever have, which brings up the question of the have-nots; considering that PISTOL magazines were being had for $80-100 a piece back in "AWB," days, I'd consider that getting a bunch of common mags now for stashing and selling at a premium later to be a good idea. That should be a good strategy for helping survive the Venezuelan-ation of The US, since the Donkeys have about as much sense on economic matters as Socialist Dictators with a HISTORY of running a wealthy nation into the ground.

I'd expect that a single AR mag would go for a thousand dollars within a month or two after DiFi gets her wet-dream.

If you don't believe me, travel for a moment back six years, almost to the day, when a panic ensued over the subject, and there wasn't any law in place, at that moment, banning such items. Prices for those same magazines went from about $10 to $100 within a month.

Interesting times are almost certainly here.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Congressman Ted Lieu, Totalitarian Dictator wannabe

No shit, in his own words, at about 0:55;

Straight out of Orwell, folks. Your jaw should DROP as the mask comes completely off.

Go make a trip to the range, maybe buy another piece for your armory, you know, to remind yourself of WHY, every time you pick it up for the rest of your life.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Saw this bit over at The Woodpile Report, Remus, writing of himself with regard to his current kit for cruising the woods and his overall capacity for doing such with advancing years;
"Okay, tell the purists to leave the room, I have something to tell you. Yes, I have energy bars and freeze-dried food in there, so, I'm compliant with the syllabus. But there's also some canned food. Shhhh. Yeah yeah, cannedmeat. One can of premium sardines, 240 calories and lots-o'-good fish protein, calcium, and oil. Wonderful stuff, if too pricey for my everyday use. And one of those teensy cans of potted meat, also 240 calories. And here's the best part, 200 of 'em are from fat. Mmm mm, fat. 
I'm told a man of my years ought not be traipsing around the hills in weather that would give pause to a feral dog. Truth is, I pick my days with more care than I used to. Think about it, though. In a real calamity there'd not be a choice, and who needs a well thought out pack and periodic practice more than a high mileage guy? And it's not like I'm training for partisan raids, this is a mission-oriented, round trip proposition. Doing what needs done will be derring do enough."
Which made me think of my run, just last night; four and half miles, give or take a hundred meters, in 29 minutes flat. At 46.
My own evaluation? That's some punk-ass shit. A man of my talents should be able to do 10 in one hour flat.
Mortal feats are for mortal men. Press the envelope, lest nothing extraordinary gets accomplished.

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