Monday, December 17, 2018

Get it while you can

Note to the faithful; the Donkeys have made a bunch of noise about gun control after their theft of the mid-term elections, and it wouldn't surprise me that they go straight after the subject on day one of the next Congressional session.

I have just completed an order at one of my favorite vendors, topping up on a few of my more esoteric magazines within my armory, for good measure. I would suggest everyone with the means to do so as well.

I would also expect that when the Donkeycrats get this excrement passed, there will be no sunset clause within the language of said law. So what you have is likely all you'll ever have, which brings up the question of the have-nots; considering that PISTOL magazines were being had for $80-100 a piece back in "AWB," days, I'd consider that getting a bunch of common mags now for stashing and selling at a premium later to be a good idea. That should be a good strategy for helping survive the Venezuelan-ation of The US, since the Donkeys have about as much sense on economic matters as Socialist Dictators with a HISTORY of running a wealthy nation into the ground.

I'd expect that a single AR mag would go for a thousand dollars within a month or two after DiFi gets her wet-dream.

If you don't believe me, travel for a moment back six years, almost to the day, when a panic ensued over the subject, and there wasn't any law in place, at that moment, banning such items. Prices for those same magazines went from about $10 to $100 within a month.

Interesting times are almost certainly here.

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