Friday, January 04, 2019

Just look at The Crazy™

Obviously, she is intent on throwing out the last 400 years of science and physics by somehow proving that Isaac Newton is some sort of moron, James Watt was a knuckle-dragging troglodyte and that Nicolas Carnot was some sort of warlock, conjuring potions around a steaming cauldron, or some similar rot.

She'll just pass a law!

Since these were all Old White Men (who hoisted the world out of the darkness and into the light, BTW), and therefore racist, she can unmake their shit. Somehow.

Tell me, Alex, are you aware of how solar panels are built? What must be mined in order to make just the raw materials? How about the components? How about the COPPER conductors? Aluminum frames to hold the panels in place? The tempered glass outer facing?  How about the silicon-based matrix itself?  Clue; LOTS OF ELECTRICITY, and in quantities you can't imagine, because you've NEVER had to study any of the hard stuff.

What about the toxic landslide associated with the manufacturing processes?

Not so green.

Do you know how efficient the PV-conversion is? I can tell you, since I'm a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECT, that it isn't what you think it is, and certainly isn't free power, as you're almost magically insisting it is.  What about the life-cycle costs? Replacement...Oh, you weren't AWARE that solar panels degrade over time? Shocker.

Can you please explain how Wattage is then converted to BTU's, or into horsepower, and the inherent, and unavoidable LOSSES that MUST be accounted for in your Grand Scheme of Greenery that will undo...racism?

Are you serious with this bullshit, Utopian fantasy, you dumb cunt?

No, you're not a radical at all. You're STUPID.

Or possibly just another tyrant.

And an uneducated one at that.

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