Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A snippet into my life

Some people think the life of the architect to be quite glamorous, filled with parties in the evening, nice clothing, hobnobbing with the power-elite, fancy, imported cars, and of course, slick buildings out of glossy magazines.

I can personally attest to you, dear reader, this rock-star, cosmopolitan figure is NOTHING of the day-to-day grind that is the real world for most of us.

I am currently performing code research on a certain building I am "designing," (a laughable term, I think) which will be in south Florida. As part of this research, I am ascertaining what logical lengths we will need to go to meet the energy conservation requirements as set forth in the model building code, which happens to be the Florida Building Code, 2017.

It references another Florida standard, the Florida Energy Conservation Code, where I ran across this bit, regarding equipment buildings, exempting them from compliance with certain insulation standards;
"4.Have an average wall and roof U-factor less than 0.200 in Climate Zones 1 through 5 and less than 0.120 in Climate Zones 6 through 8."
So, you may ask, what's the issue?

Florida, as you may realize, is a rather warm and humid climate, year-round, largely due to its maritime proximity, being a peninsula at low latitude in a warm, shallow ocean.

If one looks at the various climate zones in Florida, you'd notice that the word various means precisely TWO. That'd be zones 1 and 2. For the whole state.

Why is it, may I ask, that the FLORIDA ENERGY CODE even mentions, MENTIONS, the other SIX, which covers the rest of CONUS?!?

The shit I have to deal with.

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Blogger ghostsniper said...

To make the thing intentionally difficult to maneuver. I've designed buildings in south Florida for 40 years and the code enforcers routinely call me to decipher the codes for them.

9:30 PM  
Blogger theirritablearchitect said...

The fact that a model code could be adopted elsewhere is fine, but the fact is, Florida chose to use the IBC and essentially amend it to suit their preferences. I suppose I understand, however, it would make much more sense to take out the stupid shit that would never be applicable to the locale in the first place, instead of leaving that crap in and hoping some other country, of which I have NO IDEA what that may be, would adopt it as their own. It just makes about zero sense to me, honestly.

BTW, intentionally difficult to maneuver is about right, especially so in my case, with at least three conflicting codes I'm attempting to appease.

8:36 PM  

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