Sunday, March 17, 2019

All compasses pointing north indeed

A RTWT post from ten day ago, and a bit that all should read and consider;
"That's why they now openly proclaim the outright plan to strip the clear acknowledgements of the First and Second Amendments, and muse before God and everybody how joyful and pleasant it would be to come and round you up, and kill you."
Yes, joyful and pleasant is exactly how the Commies put it, right now.

And this as well;
"You have half a Congress full of would-be f├╝hrers, gruppenf├╝hrers, and gauleiters, openly telling you what they want, and will do given the slightest chance, and yet nobody's fired so much as a single shot. And likely, nobody will. They wait until the columns march into whatever suffices for Poland these days before they'll recognize they let things go too far, and only pay attention too late. Pray the response is not too little."
This is all being played out, right now, if you'd care to watch it, in Venezuela.

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