Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Take note: What not to do

Don't EVER get on the train.



Remember, SOMEONE decides who gets led to the boxcars.

H/T to Pete at WRSA, linkage.

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Who gets led to the boxcars?

And who makes those decisions?

Really, when people openly discuss these things, they have already formulated a plan.

That leaves implementation as the final step.

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Not a hero, nor will he ever be

Just ANOTHER totalitarian.

And the moron is just begging for it.

From top to bottom, pure filth; outlandish promises and conjecture, no substance and politician worshipping.

This just amazes me;
"..The Zero Code would have similar impact, unleashing innovation in the building sector, inspiring adoption by other states, and, perhaps most important, serving as an important signal to the rest of the world. “Nothing is happening at the federal level,” Leddy says, “so China, India, and the EU are all looking to California to take the next step.”
I'd really like to ask Martin why he figures China gives two shits about what California is doing about "climate change," when they have ZERO issue with using coal, and in FAR larger quantities than anyone else in the world.

And the "unleashing innovation," bit is just so much pablum. Innovation comes from thought and toil, not from the pen of some new, insipid LAW, decreeing what shall be.

Better yet, why don't you MOVE TO KALIFORNISTAN, Marty, and partake of their foolishness.

Maybe you'll freeze, in the dark.

Stupid fucker.

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Friday, November 08, 2019

Tempus Fugit

Less than a year, indeed.

I've been noticing a substantial uptick from my usual haunts with regards to generalized prepping, either right now with real goods, or the thought being put out to get things that are needed over the course of the next quarter or two, definitely by next summer.

The fuse WILL get lit on this, as is being suggested with that graphic over at AP.

The gun control angle from not only the seasonal elections this week, but the specter of next year's general can't be ignored, if we are of the any sense to heed the advice from history on this subject.

Eighty-percent lowers completed into fully functioning and tested pieces should be had in quantity by all persons who are able to handle such things. It's all right there for a pittance right now, so taking advantage of the bountiful quantities we have at our disposal right now is imperative.

Note others are stocking food.

And if that fucking cunt, Warren, gets in the Whore House, along with a compliant Congress, just watch how quickly this fucker gets derailed, and do mean everything...like they say over at WRSA, Bosnia times Rwanda on steroids.

I'll probably start quoting scripture next.

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Monday, November 04, 2019

Irony, to the Nth

Can the control-freak gun grabbers explain this one, at all?

So sad, the mental had to take her children with her too; more of that control-freak mind virus that infects these types.

I'm sure that her comrades will seize this opportunity to do their sick blood-dance, telling everyone that she was depressive, and as such, was a danger to everyone...and she obviously had "easy access," to a firearm, despite being a gun control proponent (who couldn't live by her own creed) and therefore we all must be forcibly disarmed, to protect ourselves, oh, and don't forget The Children™.

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