Monday, November 18, 2019

Not a hero, nor will he ever be

Just ANOTHER totalitarian.

And the moron is just begging for it.

From top to bottom, pure filth; outlandish promises and conjecture, no substance and politician worshipping.

This just amazes me;
"..The Zero Code would have similar impact, unleashing innovation in the building sector, inspiring adoption by other states, and, perhaps most important, serving as an important signal to the rest of the world. “Nothing is happening at the federal level,” Leddy says, “so China, India, and the EU are all looking to California to take the next step.”
I'd really like to ask Martin why he figures China gives two shits about what California is doing about "climate change," when they have ZERO issue with using coal, and in FAR larger quantities than anyone else in the world.

And the "unleashing innovation," bit is just so much pablum. Innovation comes from thought and toil, not from the pen of some new, insipid LAW, decreeing what shall be.

Better yet, why don't you MOVE TO KALIFORNISTAN, Marty, and partake of their foolishness.

Maybe you'll freeze, in the dark.

Stupid fucker.

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