Friday, November 08, 2019

Tempus Fugit

Less than a year, indeed.

I've been noticing a substantial uptick from my usual haunts with regards to generalized prepping, either right now with real goods, or the thought being put out to get things that are needed over the course of the next quarter or two, definitely by next summer.

The fuse WILL get lit on this, as is being suggested with that graphic over at AP.

The gun control angle from not only the seasonal elections this week, but the specter of next year's general can't be ignored, if we are of the any sense to heed the advice from history on this subject.

Eighty-percent lowers completed into fully functioning and tested pieces should be had in quantity by all persons who are able to handle such things. It's all right there for a pittance right now, so taking advantage of the bountiful quantities we have at our disposal right now is imperative.

Note others are stocking food.

And if that fucking cunt, Warren, gets in the Whore House, along with a compliant Congress, just watch how quickly this fucker gets derailed, and do mean they say over at WRSA, Bosnia times Rwanda on steroids.

I'll probably start quoting scripture next.

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