Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Who didn't see this coming.

If you don't think this wasn't DESIGNED to happen, you're an IDIOT.

This was DESIGNED to happen, dolts...the Donkeys have been foaming-at-the-mouth RABID over Iowa being the first caucus, FOR YEARS. They view it as a backwater, unworthy of holding any sway over who the candidate may be who gets the initial momentum. They've been harping about putting the first caucus/primary in either New Jerk or Kalifornistan since at least 2008, if not prior.
Need I remind anyone of the Debacle of the Donkeys in 2016, with Shrillary running roughshod over the ENTIRE DNC staff to secure her place?

The Electoral College is next, boys and girls.

Time is short.

Addendum: Note the heading on this post, at ZeroHedge:
"Buttigieg Wins Iowa Delegate Count, But Bernie Tops Popular Vote"
The Donkeys can not live with this sort of thing, you see.

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