Friday, August 07, 2020

Maybe Orwell

 Or possibly Huxley.

A dystopian future that isn't just real, but done before

The way it goes down; 

"What should we expect then if Biden wins and either steps down or more or less is left as a diminished figurehead controlled by the hard Left?... 

...Finally, if the Senate and House go progressive along with the presidency, the filibuster will end. And we will see fundamental constitutional changes never quite envisioned. Expect legislation to make the Electoral College inert without the use of a clumsy constitutional amendment process

The Supreme Court will be enlarged and packed on a majority congressional vote to neuter existing conservatives until reinforcements of progressive new justices arrive.

Some will wish to make senators popularly elected on the basis of demography or the Senate expanded into the hundreds—anything to do away with the paleo-idea of two senators from Montana or Wyoming standing in the way of the bending arc of history."

Look for the Shove-It-Down-Their-Fucking-Throats! bit to start on Wednesday, November 4th. Because as well all know, the first thing you do with a recalcitrant populace is to disarm them all, and make it legal, you see.

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