Saturday, January 09, 2021

Take note

"They hate us. 

Everything they plan to do is unconstitutional. Everything. They will finally put that detested document in a hole and bury it along with a few patriots who try to defend it. Like the rest of you, I have seen people talking about 2022, the rise of the Patriot Party, taking control of or purging the GOP. What a waste of time and where I have been guilty of it, I was wasting my time, too. It is stupid, but I was bored. 

Here we are. Patriots to the republic. Faithful to the idea of individual rights delivered by our Creator and secured by the Constitution. Rights we hold regardless of government structure or validation. We are each individuals in search of freedom, expecting it, deserving of it. But, that is no longer on the communist menu. There, only subservience and compliance are allowed, all else is treasonous..." 

The Donkeys will now try to implement all that they desire in less than a fortnight. It may start slowly, but the pace will rapidly accelerate once they test the waters with the first of their ridiculousness, whatever it may be. Corona virus vaccine "card," or some other ID that you'll need to carry to "prove," that you're no threat to society? I wouldn't be a bit surprised. Take your shots and do what you're told, prole, or you're not getting your groceries, or gas for your car (that's on the menu too, Johnnyboy, so trade in your gas-hog for a plug-in electric, post haste) or whatever they deem appropriate.


In due time. Joe has said as much. He's going to find everyone by way of insisting on registration. And we know how that one goes down, boys and girls. History is a marvelous teacher.

Your voice has already been silenced, since you can't speak about certain things, like elections, without getting your pixels banned, and accounts shuttered. Fact. Just ask Donnie T. all about it. He's still the POTUS at this moment too.

Print media? Like they had in the old days? Who does that anymore, you see, since the Constitution only says stuff about what the government can't do...even though those cretins in Silicon Valley WORK for, and by direction of, the Donkeycrat Party. That's a fact too, even if no one will admit to it.

What else do you think the Donkey execution squad is going to put forth in the coming years, months or even weeks?

All bets are off, as far as I'm concerned. They'll pull that parchment out of the glass case and cut it to ribbons, right there for all to see if they think they can get away with it too.

Yes, they're that hungry and that willing. They have a need to show their might, you see, and anyone who gets in the way is a fair target.

Better check zeroes. One last time.

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