Tuesday, March 30, 2021

That boot Orwell warned us of

Actively being assaulted with such talk, by a fucking LAWYER, no less;

I'm curious if a real attorney could tell me if such talk (openly advocating for violating existing FEDERAL LAW, that would be HIPAA, in case that fucker needs to know) is enough to warrant disbarring this fool.

This despot's acolytes are just as bad in the comments;

So, no one needs ID to vote, but I must bow to every tyrant like her, and "show my papers," proving I've had my rabies vaccination, on her command.

Whatta fucking cunt.

I'll tell you what I'm fine with, bitch,\; you finding your way to a fucking dirt nap, like yesterday, hoping your MS finally does its number on your nerves. That'll fix ONE VOTE, for sure.

Oh, and if SloJoe and his handlers (let's be fair here, he's not thinking this stuff up himself) want to play Wannabe Tyrant with this shit, you're in for a rude awakening, morons.

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