Thursday, June 24, 2021

Government, "at work."

So, I ordered some specialized heat shrink tubing from a supplier I've used before, and service has always been very good from their end. And it's not from that River Company either, so score one for the little guy.

I knew the quantity and sizes I ordered would mean that a small mailer envelope would suffice for the purpose of shipping...through the United States Postal Service.


The tracking information I got from just today is enough to know that the fuckers have LOST that package and I'm out the money and probably the goods. Seriously, the package arrived not too far from me, in one of the major DC processing centers, only to be then handed off the local office, who then forwarded it the OTHER major metro DC, who then send it to a small city about 90 minutes to the southwest of its DC location from this morning, only to be re-routed BACK to the second DC. All in about the span of 15 hours.

These stupid fuckers have NO IDEA how to use their own ZIP codes to find out where the package is supposed to be going.

And the Donkeys insist on pouring more and more money down that fucking HOLE to "fix," it.

Someone needs to wake me up when Rome starts burning, so that I can get out the popcorn and watch the whole of it roast, laughing hysterically as it happens.

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