Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Five cent head

I'll let you decide whose that is.

So, there was a recent shooting at an area high school, leaving both the Ass't Principal and the school's SRO wounded while subduing the miscreant.

Kudos to them both for doing what needed doing.

The aftermath. as one might expect, was unsettling to all. So much so for at least a few that a Kansas state senator, one Cindy Holscher decided SHE needed to pat herself on the back too, and introduced a bill that would, "ban ghost guns," in the state.

As I've pointed out before, these kinds of people (that'd be stoopid Donkeys) really DO believe that their precious laws make magic happen, and will , all of a sudden, force all the badness to stop, since they wrote it on a piece of paper and all stood around and had a big cry over it and then signed said piece of paper and...MADE IT A LAW!!!

That'll show 'em!

As Forrest once said, "stupid is as stupid does."

Tell me, you stupid cunt, what the FUCK was that fucking shit doing in ANY school in the first place, after PREVIOUSLY BEING CONVICTED OF AGGRAVATED ROBBERY!?!

Go ahead, explain it.

I'll wait.


Looks to me like Jaylon is nothing but a punk with a serious desire to end up wearing an orange jumpsuit, 'cuz he gonna get RESPECT!!! you see, just like he's been taught since probably birth, most likely...just ONE example that's similar, no doubt in a long line of others, both that have, and will happen.

Again, SIASD.

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