Sunday, January 18, 2009

Belated announcement

At Chris's request, I'm breaking with my longstanding position of anonymity with regards to posting any sort of pictures of me or my family by first showing this;

and now stating that the Krauter and I have welcomed our first offspring into this world on January 6th, at 3pm.

He was in a standing breech position (and had been for the whole pregnancy), so we had to do the "drug her up and drag him out" routine with a cesarean delivery, but he seems no worse for wear, nor does mom. He is of average size and weight, but is eating and sleeping pretty well, and gaining weight quite nicely.

We couldn't be happier.

That is all.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You have a beautiful baby there man. Enjoy this time, because they grow way to quickly.

10:11 AM  

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