Wednesday, April 26, 2017

You keep using that word

But it doesn't mean what you think it means.

And by "it," I mean, "solution," in case Fannie Fuckhead doesn't understand.

We've done this before, and NINJA loans have a track record of piss poor performance.

The Stupid­­™, it hurts.

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I have an easier solution

And it doesn't involve ANY engineering.

There's an appropriate spot for that fine and it belongs down the throat of the statist who directed its issuance.

Fuck Oregon.

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Here's when you should take things seriously...

Whenever South Korea hands out potassium iodate tablets by the millions.

Kim Short Dick is certainly crazy, however, his capabilities are completely overstated.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Couldn't help but laugh

Went on a cruise 'round the intertards for information on other peoples' similar troubles as my '06 Outback, which I just traded off, and see this;
"That’s because Chrysler... You should know better. When you have a German car you think people think you are fancy so you overlook it like the wives of pro-athletes who get cheated on. With Subaru, its like your mom sold you on Craigslist to finance her oxy addiction. Mom is supposed to always be there for you, be reliable, take you to school and practice, keep you safe....and then the overconsumption of pills starts the downward spiral. But you keep giving mom another chance. Still love her. No. Matter.What. she does to you. :( Subaru is the addict mom. There’s a lot of hurt and betrayal there."

Almost perfectly describes how I feel about mine, as the whole has, up until now, always been greater than the sum of the parts.

I remember looking for a wagon at the time and considering other options for our soon to be bigger family, took a trip to a local dealer. I found my new, boring white wagon, with a stick even, in the lowest spec, naturally aspirated engine and took it for a test drive.  I was immediately hooked. The more I drove it, the more I liked it.

Then about a year ago it needed its periodic timing belt change. A couple of days before the scheduled performance of that, it started falling on its face whenever I went to give it the beans. It just wouldn't pull over about 3,500 rpm, and made a clatter like it was about to lose a couple of valves. The technician pulled the manifold and test drove it. Result was a clogged cat.


The oil consumption problems I had been experiencing can be attributed to the poor rings mentioned by numerous others (I also have other ideas as to why), but was considered "normal," according to Subaru. It's only gotten worse since replacing not only the cat and pipe at the same time as the timing belt, but both head gaskets as well; another known weak spot for leaks on these same engines.

The experience soured me to point where replacement was deemed necessary, just yesterday. Too bad, as I really liked that car, as I said. No more.

I'll still miss it.

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Friday, April 07, 2017

This is fine

Oh boy.

Not sure how this can get patched up with Vlad.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

More madness

The conspiracy theorists are too much.

Morons, who've probably not graduated from the eighth grade, are somehow "experts," on such esoteric topics as how load propagation works on high rise buildings during an uncontrolled fire.

Funny thing about that is this; I AM.

UPDATE: Note the overt end-around on the "thinking," here. Instead of looking at the reality of the situation, as it happened, and simultaneously KNOWING what the extant circumstances were, he's looking for excuses to his hair-brained bullshit.

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Monday, March 27, 2017


They're important.

I can also attest to the veracity of the argument being made regarding the collusion and price-fixing aspects in the"healthcare," industry; you see my father was an administrator for a large, university-affiliated internal medicine practice for the better part of twenty years, and he told me all about stuff like this.

I've known about this price-fixing aspect of the provider/insurer racket, and that's what it is, since I was about 15.

Ms. Barnhardt's Key graf;
"How could something go from being completely unnecessary and even illegal, to “necessary”, required by “law”, and being a larger cost than most people’s rent or mortgage payment? 
Doesn’t this seem very, very, very wrong? 
Of course. 
It is one of the biggest scams in monetary terms ever executed, and as you all have just witnessed, none of the psychopaths in your kleptocracy has any intention of doing anything about it except to grow it and protect it. 
But, but, but… the quality and sophistication of care and technology justifies the increase in price, you say? (Quoting Karl Denninger - Ed.) 
Three words:LASIK Vision Correction. 
Free market, not covered by insurance, all prices posted and advertised.MASSIVE price deflation with simultaneous technological advancement.It’s down to $250 per eye now, I see. 20 years ago it was $5000 per eye. I’m no math genius, but that appears to be a 95% reduction.This would be exactly the case with heart bypass, cancer treatments, childbirth, and pretty much everything else. EVERYTHING. Except for the collusion, price fixing and price gauging that the current healthcare racket is built upon. Almost everyone could pay cash for their own healthcare expenses..."
Note that whenever something is altered or required, be it the food you eat, the clothes you wear or the car you drive, by law, there are dire consequences to the cost/benefit ratio of said service/product per dollar.

Corollary; The government fucks up everything they touch.

Just about time to do something about that, on a grand scale.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Or in other words, Production versus Consumption

The Red Playbook is simply FILLED with lies about how this actually works.

Please, do give it a good read.

And about those battle lines that Robert mentions; please, give no quarter to the enemy when the country goes white hot.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wanna vomit?

A lifetime achievement 37!?!

I'd laugh, except it's not funny.

Come to think of it, aren't these things usually given to those who are at the end of their careers?

Perhaps someone knows something I don't...

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