Monday, June 16, 2014

How to legitmize a scam, or...

There is no such thing as a market for CO2 emissions.

Clue; A market isn't created just because a .gov says that there is and issues rules about it and tells everyone where the starting price is.

That's peddling snake oil, except you're still thirsty afterward, and just as broke.

Fucking authoritarian, socialist morons.

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More straw

I foresee more filings of firearms to family trusts in the coming months.

You will not get my firearms, at all.

Not now, not ever.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Not if it were every last person, Mikey

But instead, there are hundreds.

That's it.

There really is more, most notably the fundamental right to self-preservation.

That is all the reason I need.

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Sunday, June 01, 2014

Collectivist nonsense

Aside from the sneering derision that this article is soaked with, this asshat's assumptions are about as thin an excuse for scholarship as watching Bill Clinton flap his gums over, well...pick the topic, and expecting the truth.

Clue for both Michael Waldman and Garrett Epps; There is no such thing as a collective right, which is their entire argument from the word go. Rights are for the free exercise of the individual.  There are no rights that are bestowed upon GROUPS that aren't PRECISELY for the protection of INDIVIDUALS. Fact.

This is all pretty easy to see if you have a functioning brain, but these are Liberals we're talking about here, who've made entire careers out of telling lies and making others believe them intelligent.

Two more on the list.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

This will end well.

From Remus at the Woodpile Report;
"When a business goes belly up it happens the same way. There are rumors, but there were always rumors. There are odd comings and goings and a string of resignations that nobody talks about. Those things happen. Maintenance has been cut back. Suppliers avoid phone calls. The sales staff spends half their day visiting prospective employers. Times are tough. But one morning it all becomes clear.
Looking back, everything falls into place. It always does. The rumor mill got it right again, it was all so obvious, how could we not have seen this coming?
The place had failed long before Monday's closing. The locked doors and dark buildings are what economists call "realization"—when a loss is entered into the books, when the failure is acknowledged and quantified. The failure happens first, then everybody who's anybody positions themselves for the lightest possible hit, then comes realization time.
And so it is with our economy, default looms and the scramble is on.
The economy has failed. We're insolvent and well into the maneuvering phase. It's both different and the same as "the" Depression. In the 1930s, bank runs happened on the streets, this time they happened on the upper floors of financial institutions, although at the start there was a parallel run on ATMs. By all accounts it was a bloodbath. By all accounts the Federal Reserve was more helpful than their charter, or even simple ethics, allowed. Meanwhile, our creditors see us paying debt with more debt and getting close to where we can't even meet the carrying charges and interest. And worse, we're spiraling into a black hole of prior commitments that couldn't be met by a galaxy of tax-paying planets. Anybody solvent is tip-toeing away, the rest are going Galt or long torches and pitchforks.
It doesn't take esoteric lingo and arcane math to show the problem.
But all debts must be paid. All debts are paid. There's no such thing as an unpaid debt. If a debtor doesn't repay a loan, it's the creditor who's paid it. Don't be misled by the complexity of the financial plumbing, our debt will be paid by somebody. That's what the maneuvering is all about. The collapse foreseen by anxiety-ridden doomers has already happened, financial Armageddon is behind us, only the details of realization remain. Meaning who takes the bullet and who walks away whole. Always a messy and contentious procedure, this time everybody with an IQ above room temperature knows it's coming.
Security is already walking to the gate, padlock in hand. One way or another, ready or not, this thing is going down. Then the curtain goes up on maneuvering of a different kind."
Best look to the hills, and soon.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

We have a phrase for your type, Blumenthal

Repeat after me,
"You can take them from my cold, dead hands."
Not one moment before, motherfucker.

And just to piss on Blumenthal's shoes some more, I'm going to go buy a bulk can of some sort tomorrow, and yes, for one of those nasty "assault rifles" that scare you Liberal pussies into wetting yourselves so easily.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'll talk about the King all I want, Chucky

The pale horse will hopefully ride while your dumb ass is still amongst the breathing. I want you to see the sharp end to the stick, you stupid motherfucker. That is all.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The list is long and undistinguished

And getting longer. Can't wait to see how this turns out. Via WRSA. Any takers on the timetable before the excrement gets hot in CONUS, 'cuz I'm ALL about discussing this kind of shit.

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