Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Big Message

I'd move to Switzerland, in a heartbeat, if they weren't already further along the path toward pure socialism than the U.S. is. Their gun laws are going down the shitter too, more's the pity.

I've mentioned before about the intrusiveness into the private affairs of our citizens abroad, and I really don't give a shit what the IRS has to say about the matter, even if it's in regards to U.S. citizens and their holdings overseas.


In what must be a shock to the authority-bootlickers, it's because the activity is taking place within the borders of another country, therefore the god-damned fucking IRS can just keep its grubby fucking mitts off of other people's money. It's none of their god-damned business who has what in what account, and how much is there, and I don't care what the U.S. law says about it.

If I go to Amsterdam and smoke 5-keys of hash, am I supposed to get on my knees and grovel to the fucking DEA about it? Should they be able to prosecute me over it? NO. What I do in a foreign land is bound by their laws, not the laws of where your fucking passport says you come from!

Jeezis, this shit pisses me off.

More folks will be dropping off their passports at the U.S. Embassy, with a small uptick in the lawyerly business of naturalization, to Swiss citizenship, in the next few years, I'll almost gaurantee.

H/T to SurvivalBlog.

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