Thursday, July 08, 2010

All the World's a stage

It's surprising to wake up in the morning to see that Our Fearless Leader is coming to my home base to pitch his wares to the masses.

One of his stops is a little company called Smith Electric Vehicles.

Supposedly, they are going to save Mother Gaia from the Evil-Oil-Burners, or something.

You'd think that if the POTUS is going to come over to your house to pimp your shit for you, you'd have a pretty serious presence in your own yard, but I have to give my testimonial here, I'VE NEVER SEEN ONE OF THEIR VEHICLES TROLLING MY FAIR CITY.


BTW, if any of you retards out there had a clue, you'd realize that the "technology" being touted here is that of taking a battery (whole other post about these), an on-board vehicle charger, an extension cord, and then plugging it into a fairly standard outlet when the battery needs a top-up...which is connected to the power grid...which is fueled by...


ALL of it.

Really, not too green.

Fucking idiots.

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Blogger Tam said...

I mean, if we were serious about being green, we'd be building nuke plants like Starbucks franchises.

In other words, it's about feeling green. ;)

9:33 AM  
Blogger theirritablearchitect said...

Image is everything, and perception is reality.

But I don't live in that world with the bulk of what I am loosely calling "humanity."

9:51 AM  

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