Thursday, March 03, 2011

I'm all in.

It kinda ruins the whole bit by insisting on the selection being from new cars entirely, as I'd surely be trying to pick some stuff from the vintage bin, but in the interest of playing along...

1) 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302. - It's First. End of story. I have that Blue Blood disease, and that's all there is to it.

2)Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. I'll take the more sedate route with this one, as opposed to Marko. And since I'd have all this disposable income, I guess I'd buy it and leave it in Krauterland, at the other house, and use it when we visit the wife's fam and stuff. Need something to tootle around in to see the sights and stuff.

3)Ford F250. Yes, a 3/4 ton pickup, and fuck you if you think it's a stupid idea! I'll take one with the crew cab and in diesel, I suppose, but I'm bummed about the lack of a manual transmission...but I'm fairly certain no one else is. I needs one of these for firewood duty. And to haul stuff from the lumber mill. And dead-car carcasses, since I'll obviously have a bunch of free time to work on hobby cars after winning the lottery or inventing the Internet. Or something. :)

4)Expedition EL (Wow, I'm not too bashful about the Fords!). I'll take this one because I just plain like the idea of being able to haul an insane amount of crap around, across vast distances, and still have plenty of leg room in the back seats. Just because.

5)Finally, and I can't believe I'm actually suggesting a British marque in this, I'd just have to take an Aston Martin DB9, because, as Jeremy Clarkson said, it's not really a (race) car, it's just "pornography," of the automotive type. And a beautiful thing to behold it is. Imagine, taking the wife out for a night at the symphony, and saying, "Shall we take the Aston?" Just too cool.

I'd have to give a bit more thought to a list of the all-time greatest, and I'd definitely need more than just five to fill out the stable.

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