Friday, February 19, 2016

As it should be

From Remus, at the beyond excellent Woodpile Report;
The right to keep and bear arms isn't reviewable by any authority or subject to any decision by any court. This decision, welcome as it appears to be, is merely part of a continuing transgression on that right. The right to be armed is not a legitimate concern of the judiciary, or the legislature or the executive. There are no valid arguments for or against it, it's neither diminished by opposition nor improved by support. Like all natural rights, the right to be armed is free-standing, there's no second party. Nor is it pendant to any other right or purpose. Natural rights are not subject to popular approval or exceptions or statistical analysis or notions of a greater good or veto or repeal, nor do they incurr any unique obligations or consequences. A natural right just "is".
Hear, hear!

You citizen-disarmament dolts will learn by the numbers, and it will get decidedly unpleasant the longer and harder you press the issue.

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