Tuesday, June 14, 2016

From Remus, at The Woodpile Report;
"...These attacks are always a big surprise, every one of 'em, so how is the surveillance state keeping us safe if they can't find hay in a haystack? Either they can't or they won't. Which? Let's take a guess. Omar Mateen bragged openly of ties to terrorist outfits, took two trips to Saudi Arabia, talked with an ISIS recruiter, and made specific threats, which he carried out, yet he got a pass—after doing everything but put a rotating red light on his head. The FBI director says he doesn't see "anything in reviewing our work that I think our agents should've done differently." Et tu, Brute? So he's saying the FBI knew what Omar was, but he was beyond the law? It's almost as if DC intends us to be a conquered nation, but without the war. Nah. Unpossible. Next item please."

This is not negligence we are witness to, it is a willful act, it is treason.

This type of thing can't go on long before something much more terrible happens.

History has already proven that.

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