Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The new Jim Crow

The irony is strong with this one.

LOVED this part;
"...An epistocracy might grant some people additional voting power, or might restrict the right to vote only to those that could pass a very basic test of political knowledge..."
And what might that "very basic test," constitute, questions about, say, 'climate change,' or possibly how to handle 'undocumented' immigrants, Mr. Brennan?

Like that, Mr. Ethicist?

Last time I checked, we ended such actions in this country over 50 years ago, and while I know I'd prefer people to be informed about who they might be voting for, that simply does not limit them to voting for whom I'd PREFER THEM TO VOTE FOR, and your "test," as you're promoting, could easily be worded or manipulated for whatever politically correct answers the test makers desired.

The Basket of Deplorables®.

The sycophants who follow Shrills haven't a CLUE about what that actually means.

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