Thursday, June 22, 2017

Commentary on a culture

...Which is just about to kill itself, from Remus, at The Woodpile Report:
"CNN's initial report used the opportunity to push more gun control, "Some gun control advocates pushed for tighter regulations after the Giffords shooting—but to no effect". The hard left doesn't want this shooting politicized, the perp is their guy, but then they go straight to gun politics. Does the left hand know what the lefter hand is doing?"
Of course they know, but they figure it's their smoke and mirrors show, talking out of both sides of their lying mouths, and that we're all too stupid to know that the man behind the MSM curtain is the "Wizard," or some similar rot.

The mask is off now, so you Donkeycrats need to have your come-to-Jesus moment about who you really are, and just admit it. Mostly to yourselves.

The rest of us have known for a long time.

Then again, I'm quite looking forward to the shenanigans you're planning on pulling in the next year or two.

Please, keep pushing your agenda, hate and filth at me.

Can't wait.

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