Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Too cheaply had

I noticed something when the cheaper digital cameras were starting to become the new thing to have among the proles, twenty years ago or so. The quality of photography, and my own as well, went to the shitter.

Then came the dreaded cell phone with the god-damned thing built right into it.

Can't stand the typical "smart phone," with their stupid fucking cameras that try to "think," for you, either.

Money quote;
"So it is with photography today. The camera can focus itself, choose the shutter speed and aperture, even do multiple exposures for high dynamic range. Today's photographer is commonly less capable than his equipment. The notion seems to be the digital camera is such a wonderfully advanced technological marvel it knows better than the user what the optimum result is. What a crock."
Except that for me, it's the other way around; the equipment, despite all of the bullshit "capabilities," is decidedly incapable, I find. Even following the fucking instructions, to a 'T,' in the dreaded manual reveals a byzantine process by which to instruct the fucking camera to focus (which it can't), on anything at all. Forget adjusting things like f-stops or bracketing or depth of field shots. It's quicker and easier on a manual focus film camera.

God-damned fucking "progress," my ass.

I suppose I'll have to look at the newer, and expensive, DSLR equipment that is out there.

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