Monday, September 14, 2009

Cops are looking for, "Plump, bouncy veins"

And I'm going to put a .45-inch hole into the skull of the first Officer-of-the-Law who attempts to pull out that fucking syringe on me.

Just loved this leviathanic quote, and the wording makes it sound like a flowery poof of fresh air, or some other Clintonian bullshit,
"If the results seem promising after a year or two, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will encourage police nationwide to undergo similar training..."
As if it's some sort of Pepsi Challenge popularity contest.

And this is supposed to give me the warm fuzzies, I suppose;

"All the officers seemed like they'd be more comfortable if their colleagues were wielding sidearms instead of syringes. But halfway through the second day of training, with about 10 venipunctures each under their belts, they relaxed enough to trade barbs alongside needle jabs.

They're making quick progress, Watson said. Their training will be complete after they have logged 75 successful blood draws.

Once they're back on patrol, they will draw blood of any suspected drunk driver who refuses a breath test. They'll use force if they need to, such as getting help from another officer to pin down a suspect and potentially strap them down..."

I sure that forcing people down and sticking them is true enough.

Fucking amazing, and here, in what was once a Free America.

Oh, and I give fuck-all about the fact that the god-damned SCOTUS made a fucking ruling about this issue, as mentioned in the article, six years before I was born. That doesn't mean it has any sort of ethical underpinning, at all. It's merely a case of what government does best, scratching its own back.

Fourth Amendment, soundly trashed...again.

Anyone ready for the AmRev, part II to get started? I'm bringing the lighter fluid and matches to Washington. I'm planning a serious bonfire with the U.S. Code and various other Titles. Maybe we could invite our representatives and give them all their pinkslips upon their arrival?

UPDATE: I've been reading around, and David Codrea has a post on it, and one of his commentors, Sawders, has this to say,
"...Something they should realize is that they cannot stop me from taking revenge after the fact (of the involuntary extraction of his blood, by way of force - Ed.). Pure and simple revenge. They will need to get in the habit of wearing black armbands and listening to Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. Further, I will be no more selective in the execution of my policy than they are in theirs. So, even the non-involved officers of the specific incident will have a downside I would rather not supply, but will if I am ever accosted in that manner."
It appears that we have some support, here.


I wonder if some of these stupid-fuck politicians get it. I'm not fucking around here. I'm stone-cold ass serious. I'm getting blood in this situation, and I'll have satisfaction. Others agree. It's an eye-for-an-eye, and that's the facts about this, for me, and I'm going to go straight after the thug who's responsible. It's obvious to me that some others are going to be far more indiscriminate than I, but I'm not in a position to preach to them about who is a legitimate target in this situation. We're at war with an out of control faction here, and all means that are deemed necessary should be utilized.

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