Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Teeth-Grinding, Jaw-Breaking madness

This is the part that gave my blood-pressure a sudden surge,
"...Perhaps compromising on accuracy is a necessary evil...is this really the right way for scientists to go? With climate change, perhaps the end justifies the means... given Gore's success and the prevalence of scientific illiteracy, it remains an interesting path to consider."
And, in perfect contradiction to that way of "thinking," we get a reply from Dr. Sanity, illustrating the inherent lunacy with that remark,
"In other words: truth is irrelevant, lying is perfectly ok, and "compromising on accuracy is a necessary evil" --particularly when it is some important issue like climate change...or any other issue deemed important for social policy by the political left. It is, after all, for our own good! A 'greater good' !"
Well played.

The rest of Kevin's piece is just right-on, as usual.

Oh, and Kant was a stupid mush-head, and distinctly anti-intellectual.

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