Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Regularize Commerce, as it was intended

That's the lesson here, boys and girls.

And in the comments section, this excellent summation and observation;

Randall Hoven Wrote, on Sept.22 at 9:13 AM:
"Not only would this not cost any tax dollars, the CBO estimated that it would SAVE $7.4B over 2010-2019 and cover a net extra 400,000 of the uninsured by 2014. A simple rule change, with no funds to allocate, no bureaucracy to create, and no czar to appoint. For those states or localities with only 1 or few insurance providers to choose from now (as Obama has claimed), this simple change would add HUNDREDS of such providers to the competition. The "public option" would add ONE."

It can't be put any simpler.

H/T to Billy Beck.

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