Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Paintings, Russian suffering and interesting tidbits

I was reading some of my usual haunts this morning when I ran across this post at Billy Beck's place.

I've always been somewhat fascinated with Russia (in the cultural sense only, as Billy also alludes to in his title, Russians - not Soviets), as there have been almost countless wars, the worst weather imaginable, cross-cultural incursions of all sorts for literally thousands of years and, of course, the iron political fist foisted upon the general populace over time. Still, the culture manages to do more than merely exist, but instead thrives, possibly due to the hardships.

I turn to the paintings in his link.

About half way through, I run across the Blinkov painting Fire of the Guard artillery. Those trucks are a pretty faithful rendering of the actual vehicles, lend-lease Studebaker US6 cab-and-chassis, hauling Katyushka rocket launchers.

Some of those trucks are probably still in service in Asia, in one capacity or other.

Interesting to see that, I thought.

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