Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Krugman is an idiot

Krugman really has not a clue about how our government is intended to work. Of course, as I've pointed out before, he's not too bright.

The simple fact that there is an implicit process in place, to stall most any plan or bill, with debate, is amongst the most important aspects of the Congressional process. It's there to help preserve the status quo, and to keep the busy hands of Gummint from meddling in the business of the general citizenry. Moving things too quickly leads to poor leadership and direction, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

But that historical fact is lost on the moron, Krugman, and he weeps that Republican Senators are holding back the Congress (and by extension, Barry) and, "...making the nation ungovernable."

Change your diaper, Paul.

Hell, I'd give vital parts of my anatomy to get that process he's outlined in the old Polish Sejm. Unanimous consent?!? Think about how little damage could be done if one, and only one, member has to have his head screwed on even half-straight when the typical drivel gets floor time in the Senate.

Unanimity principle.

It outta be a law.

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