Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Because it's not about "putting it up for a vote,"...

...or even democracy, as the fucking Donks are continually harping about, it's about pushing an agenda, by means of rank power. It's not something that is beneath them either, since they are drunk with power right now, and the lack of ethical bounds by these mad robbers is out in the open;
"The Maryland Democrat (Steny Hoyer) also said the public didn't care about process but about results,"
If that doesn't say it load and clear, I don't know what else can.

Everyone who has even the slightest clue about what is going on right now should be doing two things: A) writing and calling every one of their respective 'representatives' in Congress, demanding that this travesty be stopped, and B) stocking the larder and loading the ammunition into the appropriate magazine.

Enough is enough.

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