Friday, July 29, 2011

Get this straight

I don't want any of your deals, Barry, so leave me the fuck out of a business transaction that you clearly don't have any business in, asshole.

Better get whatever vehicles you think you might need for the foreseeable future, and make sure you pick a good one, 'cuz if we are in for anything like the 70's cars that this heap of trash article is touting, you'll be caving in your own skull with a hammer.

And for those out there who either are willfully glib about the actual history of, or are too young to remember the 70's and the cars that were produced during that era, let me just say plainly that most of the attempts at getting domestic autos to conform to an era of higher gasoline prices were an abysmal failure, not to mention the suspect reliability and performance of same.

Let's not go back there.

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