Friday, April 11, 2008

Another foreign-based model that "works", I'm sure

So, you've got yourself a country that has "universal" healthcare.

You're in an affluent country that obviously has modern conveniences, diets, jobs, TV, and cell phones. Your country has enjoyed an excellent economy for the last half-century, your population is astoundingly well educated, and your engineering savvy is second-to-none. You've turned a little bourgeois in the process, and the attendant waistline has become somewhat, er, corpulent, as your kids sit in front of the idiot box, or texting their friends while you are stuck in an office cubicle, and eat more Kobe beef as often as you can get your filty mitts on the stuff.

No more.

It seems that since the diet of the average Japanese has become rather Americanized in that same, aforementioned half-century, the waistlines have been gaining inches in the land of the rising sun, to no one's surprise, and an arbitrary limit has been set for such.

At 85cm.

That's 33 1/2".

How many Americans would fit in to this neat and tidy measurement, I wonder?

I'm fairly thin, myself, and have never had any weight issues, despite eating anything that isn't nailed down. I'm blessed with that sort of metabolism, and I'm one of those exercisers that you see running around and lifting weights of all sorts, though I'm not at all what you'd term a Gym Rat, honest. Still, how many here fit that metric?

So, when the next great solution, to The-Problem-that-is-America, comes along and promises that he'll fix all your health problems by waving his hand around, you'll know what it is that he's actually delivering unto thee, when the palm of his hand claps against your head. I can promise, the land of the expanding waistline isn't going to like it. At all.

You've all been warned.

Stolen from Phil at RNS.

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Blogger NotClauswitz said...

Japanese homes are so small and tidy, if they grew fat they would have a huge building and reconstruction project on their hands!

10:16 AM  

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